1. 3 Day - Detox Dhs 800* An intense, liquid only plan designed to deliver a high amount of vitamins and hydration in a short time for those that are highly dedicated. 3 Day - After The Weekend Dhs 750* A great introductory plan for those who would like to give their body a quick, healthy boost. The plan is a nutritionally complete combination of balanced and tasty juices, smoothies, soups and salads and snacks 5 Day - Cleanse Dhs 1000* Our five-day plan is perfect for individuals who like a routine during the working week. It promotes benefits of de-bloating and replenishing and also helps re-educate the body into healthier tastes and routines. 7 Day – Cleanse & Weight Loss Dhs 1250* This plan is designed to nourish the body and retrain the taste buds, appetite signals and portion sizes. A great plan to start seeing benefits of improved hair and skin too. 10 Day Cleanse & Weight Loss Dhs 1800* This plan will help enhance weight management benefits and truly allow your body to adapt to new healthy habits. This plan will leave you with an improved sense of overall well-being and mental alertness. Can be done with a break over the weekend for those that want flexibility. 1 month Cleanse & Weight Loss Dhs 3600* Our 1 month plan is an excellent way to promote weight loss, improve mental clarity and build a new healthy routine, all while still being able to lead a full lifestyle. Weekends have guided support to help you do it yourself. Delivery Charges Apply Yummy Mummy Dhs * 3 Day 800, 5 Day 1,100, 7 Day 1,300 This plan is designed for any mum who needs to make sure they have the energy and health to keep up with their little (or big) ones . It is filled with natural slow release energy foods and extra snacks to give mums a boost whenever they need it in their individual and unpredictable schedule. Yummy Mummy Nursing Dhs * 3 Day 800, 5 Day 1,100, 7 Day 1,300 As a breast feeding mother you want the best for your babies health and yours. The KiS Yummy Mummy plan is perfect as it is full of all the nutrients needed at this stage of life. Our plan is nutritious enough to give you energy but healthy enough to promote losing pregnancy weight. Frequent Flyer *3 Day – Dhs 600, 4 day – Dhs 700, 5 Day – Dhs 800 We have developed a flexible program exclusively for those who fly a lot to help counter the effects constant travel has on your body. The ingredients will assist with weight management and also increase hydration, repair cell damage, improve immunity, digestion and skin health, boost energy and balance blood sugar. Our priority is to restore, rejuvenate and rebalance you for the next journey ahead! Sunset Sunrise (Fasting Plan) 5 Days Dhs * 1,300 This plan is specially designed for when a fasting routine is practiced, whether it be during Ramadan or any other time of year. This plan can be started at any day of the week and is delivered to your door every evening. It includes your meals for breaking fast, replenishment, nourishment and hydration through the night and preparation before commencing fasting again. This plan helps you stay on track with your health and wellness goals and also supports weight management. Active Plan 7 Day 1,300 This plan is designed for those that want to replenish and have a clean living approach that will support the amazing challenges of a physically active lifestyle. It can be tailored for energy, weight loss, toning or muscle gain. It is filled with delicious high protein and slow release carbohydrate meals to support your muscles and keep you satisfied. It also features natural snacks that release energy quicker to make every workout your best ever. Natural hypotonic sports drinks will keep you hydrated and, if necessary high protein shakes will help you recover post workout. *Delivery Charges Apply Low Glycaemic Index (Low G.I) Dhs * 3 Day 800, 5 Day 1,100 This 5 day plan is ideal for anyone wishing to control their blood sugar levels. It is perfect for those with pre diabetes, diabetes, for those with heart conditions or high cholesterol or for those who are sensitive to natural sugars found in fruit. All natural energy on this plan is released into your body slowly to help stabilize blood sugar levels. The many high fiber foods, actively help reduce cholesterol levels for additional benefits. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 5 Days Dhs * 1,100 7 Days Dhs * 1,300 This 5 or 7 day plan is based on a low FODMAP approach which is a proven method for treating those with diagnosed IBS. This plan can help rest your gut and start to heal it from the inside, reducing IBS symptoms. It can also help with cleansing and weight management. It includes tips on how to continue with a lower FODMAP diet after the plan and how to reintroduce foods so you find out what ones your body can and can’t tolerate. *Delivery Charges Apply

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