Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about Simple’s plans?

At Simple our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We know that not everyone is the same, and we take each customers unique profile into consideration. This which may lead to altering our existing plans for issues such as allergies or intolerances of a customer. Simple are available to you pre, during and post plan and for coaching and advice throughout your experience All of our meals are made each morning to ensure ultimate freshness and delivered before 8am in the morning to the most convenient location for our customer. We only use clean and fresh ingredients, so you won’t find any secret sugars or hidden additives in any of our juices, smoothies, soups, salads or snacks!

Is it just juice? Where is the nutrition in juice?

The menus for each plan vary with a range of tasty mixtures to keep you satisfied and interested! Our plans are not ONLY JUICE. A day with Simple involves juices, smoothies, soups, salads and snacks packed with a balance of nutrients to ensure that you have receiving the recommended amount of protein, calcium, minerals vitamins etc to benefityou’re your well being nutritionally, physically and mentally. All of our plans are nutritionally complete and analysed by our dietitian and nutritionist.

Will I lose weight doing a plan?

With nearly all of our clients there has been varied amount of weight loss, and the plans have helped people towards their goals of losing weight, especially when combined with a healthy amount of daily exercise. At Simple, we are not solely focused on weight loss or management. We promote an education and behavioural change in lifestyle, to help everyone become healthier and happier. Our plans offer benefits such as; aiding the body to cleanse, improve skin conditions, boosting energy levels, healthier sleeping, mental awareness is sharpened and many more. We are always available to chat with our customers if they have any queries while trying to reach their goals, and we are always 100% honest with our customers.

What if I have food intolerances or allergies?

Any allergy is when our body's immune system has a reaction to the food, this can be quite serious and sometimes life threatening. A food intolerance does not involve the immune system but can have symptoms such as eczema, IBS, symptoms can be delayed or immediate. Although our menus do not contain many of the main allergens such as gluten, wheat, eggs, fish, shellfish, milk, we do feature other common allergens such as sesame, mustard, celery, nuts and we know individuals can be intolerant to nearly any food. This is not a problem, you have the opportunity on your client questionnaire to let us know about allergies and intolerance and we will remove them completely from your personalized plan. Talking with our nutrition team can help you understand whether you have a true food intolerance or not.

How can I order?

There are so many ways you can order from us. Directly through our website, give us a call or send us an email. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Once I’ve chosen a plan, what happens next?

Once you have chosen and plan and we have received your client questionnaire, you will be booked in to begin the plans on your chosen Sunday. Most of our plans start on a Sunday unless stated otherwise. On Sunday morning you will receive cooler bag with all of your food for the day in as well as your Simple information pack. Within this pack you will find all of the information you may need on cleansing and as well, your weeks menus, a progress chart so you can track and changes, and a compilation of discounts and information on companies that we work with that may be beneficial to our customers!

Is this a quick fix?

Simple does not believe in quick fixes, and supports sustainable lifestyle change and realistic expectations. The plans are a brilliant kick start to a new you! They assist in helping you and your body retrain into what healthy is so you can keep it up in the long term. We provide quality products in order to help the body work optimally and replenish itself from the stressors of day to day life – this process is where the benefits come from. You will however see amazing benefits within a few days of all our plans.

What if I see items on the plan menu I dislike ?

We pride ourselves on giving a very personal service and have a wide range of menu items. This way we look forward to hearing your likes and dislikes and your feedback on our menu items is invaluable to us. You can put your like and dislikes on the client information pack and we make sure we don't put those foods in, and if see anything else on the menu you don't like, we can change it given 24 hours notice.

It’s vegan, will I get all the nutrition I need?

We are vegan and gluten free, but this doesn't mean you will be missing out on any nutrition. We have designed the plan so over the course of the week you will be getting all the protein, fat and carbohydrate your body needs, based on a combination of the recommendation set by the US and UK. All plans have been designed by nutritionist and dietitians and who used nutritional software to make sure they have all the vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron and B vitamins. These vary from men and women, nursing women, active people and for children, all our plans have taken this into consideration and have ingredients to meet the needs of each group.

Can plans be tailored?

If you have a certain plan or goal you want to achieve our team look forward to hearing from you and can tailor plans specifically for you. After a discussion with a member of our nutrition team, we can adapt plans especially for you to fit around your lifestyle, likes and dislikes, intolerance's and what you want to achieve.

Should I be counting calories?

A calorie, also known as a kilocalorie (kcal), is the energy required to raise the temperature of 1kg of water by 1˚C. Carbohydrates contain 3.75 kcal per 1g Proteins contain 4 kcal per 1g, Alcohol contains 7 kcal per 1g Fat 9 kcal per 1g. So fat contains the most calories you would think we should avoid it, wouldn’t you? Well, no, because not all calories are equal. For instance 500 calories of chocolate and 500 calories of kale have a totally different impact on our blood sugar, cholesterol levels, hormone production and overall health. Kale also contains lots of vitamins, minerals and fibre that chocolate doesn’t. So, we place more importance on what you eat, and whilst it's important you eat enough to function normally and stay active we don’t recommend you count calories. Eating the right portion sizes is more important as is filling your plate with a rainbow of vegetables, some ‘good’ fats and some protein.



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