Protein and the Vegan Diet

Protein is an essential nutrient which plays many key roles in how the human body. The key roles include tissue and muscle function, enzyme and immune function, energy and hormone function.

The recommended daily allowance for protein requirements are 56g/day and 45g/day for men and women aged 19-50 years. There is an extra requirement for growth in infants and children, pregnant and breast feeding women and athletes.

Vegan Sources of Protein

Plant-based sources of protein include lentils, beans, chickpeas, seeds, nuts and nut butters (e.g. peanut butter) tofu, seitan, tempeh There is plant based protein powders that can be used to supplement protein in your diet, if you are not meeting the recommended daily intakes. It is important to combine different types of plant based protein and eat 2-3 servings per day .

What is a protein portion size?

Plant Protein

4 tablespoons of baked beans 150g

4 tablespoons of beans (kidney beans/butterbeans/ black eyed beans 150g

4 tablespoons of pulses (lentils/chickpeas) 150g

4 tablespoons of soya/ tofu, vegetable based meat alternative 100g

1 tablespoon/handful of nuts or peanut butter 30g

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