Ketogenic Meal Plan

Our Vegan Keto plan focuses on the traditional keto approach of 35g of total carbohydrates per day, high fat and just the right amount of protein. Like a traditional keto plan, our blend of ingredients will help keep you full and satisfied while switching your body into burning fat, the healthy way. What makes this plan unique is that the fats are healthy, there is plenty of fibre and the protein is lean and easily digested.

We use MCT oil in the smoothies and bulletproof teas and coffees, coconut oil for cooking, olive oil for dressings and other foods with healthy poly and mono unsaturated fats like nuts and avocado. Nut butters, tofu and tempeh make up the protein and give all the amino acids to prevent muscle loss. Water based vegetables like celery, leafy greens and courgette give fibre and vitamins, keeping this plan fresh.

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